Winter Preparation

December 19, 2022

Should I Cover My AC Unit in the Wintertime?

If you’re like most homeowners, you rely on your air conditioning system to get you through the hot summer months. However, when the weather starts to get cold again and you’re not going to be using your air conditioner for a while, you may be thinking about covering it. In fact, one very big debate in the HVAC world is whether an outside AC unit should be covered during the winter. Why Cover Your AC […]
November 16, 2021

8 Winter Tips for Your Kennewick Heating System

When winter comes, don’t be left out in the cold. If your home has a furnace, now is the right time to prepare it for winter so your family can stay warm throughout the season. Here, we’ll offer eight easy tips to prepare your home’s heating system for the coldest months of the year. 1. Check the Thermostat Before switching your HVAC system from cooling to heating mode, it may need a tune-up. Turn the […]