Ductless Mini-Split in Kennewick, WA

    Ductless Mini Split Kennewick, WA

    Ductless Mini Split Kennewick WA

    If you’re looking at heating and cooling options for your existing home, ductless mini-splits in Kennewick, WA, can be the answer. These mini-split systems don’t require traditional ducting to be run through your home, which makes them the perfect option when your home lacks proper ducting or you simply want to target a specific room or area! Ductless Mini Splits are highly efficient options for additions, older homes without ductwork, garages, shops, and more.

    We’re happy to provide quality services to customers throughout the entire Kennewick region, including those who reside near Columbia Park, Toyota Center, Playground of Dreams, and Regional Veterans Memorial.

    Superior Ductless Mini-Splits in Kennewick

    Ductless mini-split heating systems are becoming a top choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their current heating and cooling systems without having to bear the expense of installing new ductwork. These systems are comprised of indoor units that are placed on the wall or in the ceiling. Each unit is connected to an outdoor compressor unit via piping that runs directly through the wall and into the outdoor compressor unit.

    There are many benefits that you can enjoy from purchasing ductless heating and cooling systems.

    • No need for ducting
    • Zone control options for each unit
    • Simple and affordable installation
    • High energy-efficiency
    • Quiet operation
    • Various design options

    One of the unique qualities of having a ductless heating and cooling system installed in your home is that it offers zone climate control. Each unit can be installed in a different room of your home. You’ll have a remote that goes with each unit that allows you to control the exact temperature of the room.

    This means you can keep your bedroom at a cool 65 degrees and your living room at a comfortable 68 degrees. When you can specify the temperature in each room, your family can be more comfortable. Unlike centralized heating and cooling systems, you won’t have to run your system to change the entire temperature of your home. You’ll only have to run the individual unit in the room that you’re in to change the temperature.

    Professional Mini-Split Systems Installers

    Professional Mini-Split Systems Installers

    Bruce Heating & Air is your professional mini-split systems installer serving the Kennewick area. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we know a thing or two about getting the job done right. We focus on building relationships with our valued customers through personalized service. We’re proud to be a Lennox Authorized Dealer. However, we’ll service all types of heating and cooling systems.

    If you’re interested in having ductless mini-splits installed in your home, contact us today to set up a consultation appointment.