June 22, 2022
Bruce mechanical River of Fire in Kennewick, WA

Bruce mechanical Presents The River of Fire

At Bruce Heating & Air, we’re about more than just providing the greatest heating and cooling services to our customers. We’re extremely proud and thankful to be involved in our local communities! That’s why we’re excited to announce that we are sponsoring the Annual River of Fire Festival this year! It’s a time to celebrate as well as to enjoy being with your family and neighbors. We certainly hope you’ll join us! About River of […]
June 7, 2022
Ductless AC in Kennewick, WA

What Should I Know About a Ductless Mini-Split System?

More people are interested in ductless mini-split systems for their homes. There are many reasons why someone would want to purchase a ductless system such as savings on energy and achieving better climate control. If you are considering a ductless mini-split system for your house, here are some of the top reasons to do so. How Ductless Mini-Split Systems Work Ductless mini-split systems are a type of air conditioning unit that does not require the […]
May 18, 2022
AC Size in Kennewick, WA

How to Determine What Size AC Unit I Need?

One of the challenges of replacing your current air conditioner is getting a unit that’s properly sized for your property. While it may seem rather simple to calculate the right size for your system, there are several factors that experts consider. Discover why size does matter for your air conditioner and the various factors used to determine the correct size. Why Does Size Matter? Before digging into the factors around AC unit sizing, it’s important […]
April 14, 2022
Ductwork in Kennewick. WA

Identifying Problems With Your Ductwork

Ductwork is a key part of most HVAC systems. It’s the network of conduits that deliver heating and cooling throughout your home. As ducts age, they can develop various problems, including leaks and clogs that may cause them to need repair or replacement. Fortunately, there are a few things to watch for if you think your system’s ductwork might need repairs. The purpose of this article will be to give you some idea of how […]
March 14, 2022
Water Heater in Kennewick, WA

5 Common Questions People Ask Concerning Water Heaters

A water heater is essential because it lets you access heated water to shower, bathe, and wash laundry. But do you really understand how it functions? Do you know the proper way to care for it? Many people don’t even think about this important home appliance until it breaks down, and then they wish they had taken better care of it. At Bruce Mechanical, we will help you better understand your water heater with these […]
February 11, 2022
Furnace Filter Maintenance in Kennewick, WA

When Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

Your furnace filter keeps dust, dander and hair from reaching your circulated air supply and interfering with the inner workings of your HVAC system. It can be difficult to determine the best intervals for changing out your filter through the course of the year. Consider these essential tips when establishing your filter replacement routine. What Affects Your Filter? Several factors in your home will affect how often you should change out your filter. Always keep […]
January 3, 2022
HVAC Storm Preparation in Kennewick, WA

Making Sure Your HVAC System Is Ready for Storms

Although it’s easy to control your indoor environment with an HVAC system, it’s impossible to control the conditions outside. If a storm is expected in your area, Bruce Mechanical recommends that you take some time to prepare your HVAC system so that you stay comfortable and your HVAC system stays safe. In the midst of your other storm preparations in Kennewick, here are the HVAC preparations you need to complete. Prepare Your Home During a […]
December 20, 2021
Winter IAQ in Kennewick, WA

FAQs About Indoor Air Quality

Improved indoor air quality can positively impact your health. Since you spend much of your time indoors, it’s important to take prompt action if you find hazardous levels of pollen, dust, unbalanced humidity, bacteria, and other pollutants in your home. While it sounds challenging, especially because it’s difficult to notice poor air quality, the experts at Bruce Heating & Air are here to help you breathe easier. Begin by reading these frequently asked questions and […]
November 16, 2021
Heating Tips for the Winter in Kennewick, WA

8 Winter Tips for Your Kennewick Heating System

When winter comes, don’t be left out in the cold. If your home has a furnace, now is the right time to prepare it for winter so your family can stay warm throughout the season. Here, we’ll offer eight easy tips to prepare your home’s heating system for the coldest months of the year. 1. Check the Thermostat Before switching your HVAC system from cooling to heating mode, it may need a tune-up. Turn the […]
October 13, 2021

Top Reasons Why Your Heater Won’t Turn Off

Restricted Airflow Due to Clogged Air Filters It can be worrisome if your furnace won’t turn off. Here are some of the top causes of a heater that runs continuously. Changing your HVAC system’s air filters is one of the easiest tasks that you can do yourself to maintain the efficiency of your system. Making sure you have clean air filters ensures the unit is getting adequate airflow. Without adequate airflow going into the heating […]