Reasons Why the Heat in Your Office Building Might Not Be Working

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Reasons Why the Heat in Your Office Building Might Not Be Working

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Creating a welcoming, receptive environment is essential to developing a healthy company culture. Achieving that environment involves praising employees and incorporating respect into all communications. Ensuring that employees are physically comfortable at work also plays a pivotal role in establishing this community. If your office building isn’t nice and warm on chilly winter days, employees may grow frustrated and lack the desire to be productive. Learning about some of the reasons why the heat could be malfunctioning can aid in finding solutions.

Simple Snafus

The first step is to check for any easily identifiable problems. Someone might have knocked a plug out, or you might have forgotten to change the temperature settings when the cooler weather set in. Once you’ve eliminated these obvious issues, you can look into potentially deeper problems.

Bad Timing

You might not have the thermostat set to start increasing the heat at the appropriate time. For example, you might have the temperature set to begin rising when the first employees come into the building for the day. This time is likely too late. When the heat finally reaches the desired temperature, employees might have been shivering for hours. If this is the case, simply set the temperature to go up earlier.

Temperature Too Low at Night

You may also be setting the temperature too low at night. In other words, if the office building is used exclusively during the day, you likely turn the thermostat’s temperature down each night when the office space is empty. Still, setting the temperature too low can mean that the system takes even longer to get caught up in the morning. You can speak with one of our technicians about the ideal nighttime temperature for optimizing system efficiency and employee comfort. You can keep employees happy without wasting money on heating an empty building.

Temperature Too Low During the Day

It’s also possible that you have the thermostat set too low during working hours. If the room’s temperature is warmer than the temperature at which you set the thermostat, the heat isn’t going to kick on. Raising the temperature by a couple of degrees can make a substantial difference.

Improper Heating System

The building’s heating system may not have the capacity to warm the entire space. In other words, you may be using a system that is inappropriate for the size of the building. One of our team members can guide you through different options for replacement systems at price points that work for your budget.

Old Heating System

If the building has been around for some time and hasn’t had a heating upgrade in years or decades, the system itself may be failing and needing replacement. Another possibility is that your building’s heating system requires some updates to help it function more effectively and efficiently. For example, you might look into zoned heating or a smart thermostat. Additionally, proper maintenance can help your system reach your desired temperature.

Poor Insulation

The building could also have bad insulation, whether as a result of age or poor construction. Even if the heating system is functioning correctly, inadequate insulation could mean that keeping the majority of the heat inside is virtually impossible, especially on the coldest days of winter.

Malfunctioning Component

A part or multiple components of the heating system could also be malfunctioning. For example, the air filter could need a cleaning, or the flame sensor might need to be replaced. You should never try to fix problems with a heater yourself. Doing so is dangerous and could void your warranty. Our team members can identify the problem and offer a safe resolution.

Our team members at Bruce Inc. Mechanical Heating & Air can diagnose and resolve all of your building’s heating troubles. We serve areas in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, and we offer emergency service 24 hours a day. Our professionals work on both commercial and residential properties, and some of the available services include heating and cooling repair, installation, and maintenance. We can also check the indoor air quality of your home or business, install fireplaces, service your heat pump, and complete ductwork. You can look into our preferred customer plan for preventative services as well. To speak with a representative and schedule an appointment, contact Bruce Inc. Mechanical Heating & Air today.