Making Sure Your HVAC System Is Ready for Storms

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Making Sure Your HVAC System Is Ready for Storms

HVAC Storm Preparation in Kennewick, WA

Although it’s easy to control your indoor environment with an HVAC system, it’s impossible to control the conditions outside. If a storm is expected in your area, Bruce Mechanical recommends that you take some time to prepare your HVAC system so that you stay comfortable and your HVAC system stays safe. In the midst of your other storm preparations in Kennewick, here are the HVAC preparations you need to complete.

Prepare Your Home

During a severe storm, there’s always a chance that your power will go out. To keep your home comfortable, you may want to consider raising the temperature in your home by a few degrees while you still have power. This will give you more hours of comfort if you do lose power versus what you would have if you kept your home at the normal temperature. Don’t raise the temperature more than about five degrees so that you don’t put unnecessary strain on your HVAC system.

Secure Your Equipment

If strong winds are expected, it’s important to secure any outdoor equipment before a storm arrives. Make sure that the grates on your outdoor condenser unit are securely attached so that they don’t blow away. It’s also a good idea to look around and make sure there aren’t any dead branches in trees close to your outdoor equipment. If there are, do your best to remove them before the storm arrives so that they don’t fall and cause damage. Typically, we don’t recommend putting a cover over any outdoor equipment because it can restrict airflow if your system turns on unexpectedly.

Maintain Your System

To ensure that your system is ready for any storm that comes your way, it’s a good idea to have us maintain your equipment. Regular system maintenance will help your system run more efficiently and last longer. Plus, it will make it more reliable when it has to work harder during storms. To add an extra layer of assurance, you can do some do-it-yourself maintenance by replacing the air filter and dialing in your thermostat settings.

Connect to a Generator

If you lose power during a storm, even the most well-maintained system won’t keep your home comfortable—unless, of course, you have a generator connected to your HVAC system. A properly sized backup generator can provide safe, reliable power for your entire home so that you can continue living your life as if there were no storm happening. Due to the large amounts of power involved with installing a whole-house generator, it’s typically best to have a qualified electrician install your generator.

Clean Your Ducts

One quick way to damage your HVAC system is to run it with clogged ducts. The reduced airflow through the clogged ducts will put excess pressure on the air handler of your HVAC system. If your system is running overtime, like it would during a storm, the prolonged excess pressure will create an increased risk of system failure. Clogged ducts carry with them other risks, such as mold and mildew growth, rusty ducts, and other issues. Cleaning your ducts will ensure that you can enjoy clean, fresh air and improved system performance.

Improve Insulation

During a storm, you want to be sure that your system only has to run when absolutely necessary. That’s why we recommend improving the insulation in your home so that it loses its conditioned air more slowly. If your home has poor insulation, it will be difficult for your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable, even during fair weather. During a storm, then, you’ll constantly be uncomfortable, even though your system is running constantly. This constant cycling could lead to system failure, leaving you exceptionally uncomfortable until you can have your system repaired.

Ready for Any Emergency

At Bruce Mechanical, we stand ready to help our customers with any HVAC need. Whether it’s normal maintenance or an emergency repair, we can take care of any type of HVAC system. We can also install indoor air quality improvement solutions, fireplaces, water heaters, and ductless mini-split HVAC systems. For over 15 years, residents and businesses around the area have trusted us with their home comfort needs. Their satisfaction with our service is reflected in our multiple five-star reviews. We’re also proud citizens of our community, partnering with multiple local nonprofits to improve the lives of those most in need. To learn more about preparing your HVAC system for the unexpected, contact us today.