Finding the Most Effective Heating System for Your Commercial Property

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Finding the Most Effective Heating System for Your Commercial Property

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An effective heating system for a commercial property maintains a comfortable atmosphere for everyone in the building. Naturally, you want your employees, customers, visitors, and others to feel at ease inside your business.

Finding the best heating system for a business is just as important as finding one for a private home. Of course, when it comes to heating systems for commercial properties, there are many options to consider.

What Are Some Types of Heating Systems for Commercial Properties?

Oil or gas boilers, heat exchangers, heat pumps, and air rotation systems are all examples of heating options for businesses. HVAC systems are also an option for commercial properties. With so many options available, it helps to examine various features of a commercial property to make the right choice.

The Size of Your Property

The size of your new heating system should suit the size of your commercial property. The capacity of your new heating system must provide the proper amount of warmth throughout the building. Furthermore, it should do so in a cost-effective way.

When a heating system is too small, it must work overtime to achieve the desired temperature inside your structure. The system is not able to work in an energy-efficient way. This results in inflated energy bills.

Alternatively, if a heating system is too large for your commercial property, it pushes too much warm air into the space and shuts off too quickly. A heating system that shuts off too quickly short cycles, leading to a fluctuation in humidity levels. A high amount of humidity in the air can lead to mold growth.

The Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

The Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, or HSPF, measures the efficiency of a heat pump. Naturally, if you go with a heat pump for your commercial property, you want it to be energy efficient. A highly efficient heat pump has an HSPF rating of at least 8.2.

A trained HVAC technician is familiar with the HSPF ratings for various commercial heating systems. One of our professional technicians can guide you in getting the most efficient heat pump for the specific size of your property.

What Is the Air Quality Inside Your Commercial Property?

The daily activities happening inside your business can affect air quality and should factor into your choice of heating systems. Maybe you use your commercial property to manufacture certain types of goods. Furthermore, perhaps that manufacturing process sends a lot of dust and dirt into the atmosphere inside your business. Not surprisingly, that process reduces the quality of the air inside your building.

If this is the case, a heating system with powerful air filtration would be the most suitable choice. Even if you don’t have a manufacturing system that creates excess dust, you may still want a powerful air filter. An HVAC technician can select a heating system with an appropriate air filtration system based on the needs of your business.

Upsizing the Heating System

The potential to upsize is part of the design of some heating systems. This is a feature to consider especially if you have plans to remodel or add onto your building. Choosing this option means you don’t have to purchase a new heating system if you renovate your building. Discussing this with an HVAC technician can help you find a heating system that’ll serve your business for years to come!

How an HVAC Technician Can Help You Select the Best Heating System

A professional HVAC technician chooses a heating system for your commercial property based on solid experience and training. Plus, an expert technician is familiar with the best brands and manufacturers for commercial heating systems.

Since 2002, Bruce Mechanical Inc. Heating & Air in Kennewick has been providing reliable heating installations for businesses. We use our expertise to choose the best heating system for your commercial property. In addition, our company provides heating and cooling installations, repair work, and maintenance for homes. We offer hydronic heating and indoor air quality services as well as ductwork installation. Our fireplace services include installation, repairs, and cleaning. If you want to upgrade your fireplace, we can take on the project!

Our team can help you find the best heating system to serve the needs of your business. Contact our courteous staff at Bruce Mechanical Inc. Heating & Air in Kennewick for an appointment today!