Common AC Problems in Summer

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Common AC Problems in Summer

Common AC Problems

One of the most important things to do before summer temperatures set in is to check your AC unit. This simple task can help you avoid downtime with your system. A malfunctioning air conditioning system will give you and your family a challenging time. A regular check-up will help you enjoy a comfortable time over the summer without having to fear any sudden system failure. Following are some common AC problems in the summer.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is an instrumental part of your AC unit as it helps absorb heat from the collected warm air. During the summer season, the low refrigerant level could lead to inadequate cooling. The leading cause of this issue is usually refrigerant leaks. Also, low levels of refrigerant could be a result of insufficient levels during installation.

Be sure to refill the refrigerant to ensure that your system will not be affected by such an issue during the summer. In addition, check for any leaks or contact Bruce Heating & Air to help diagnose and fix your refrigerant issue.

Dirty Filters

With time, your air conditioner filters get clogged with dust and other air particles, reducing quality air intake. Make sure to inspect your system’s air filters after every three months for replacement or cleaning. Also, you should bear in mind that you should replace the filter more often if your system is working continuously.

Running your AC unit with blocked air filters will overwork the system, which results in increased bills. If you clean your air filters instead of replacing them, use warm water mixed with regular detergent.

Malfunctioning External Fan

When your outdoor fan is not properly protected and enclosed, the fan blades are usually damaged by debris. Additionally, the fan blades can lead to more damages to your fan casing if they bend due to damage. You can avoid this by ensuring that the area around your condenser is clear.

Inadequate Cooling

If you experience some hot spots in the summer, be sure to call Bruce Heating & Air for maintenance. Generally, this is an indication that your system has lost the ability to cool your entire home. However, this issue is mainly with old AC systems.

If your system is new and you have a similar problem, be sure to replace it with a bigger size. Additionally, if your system is the right size and you still experience such an issue, contact Bruce Heating & Air technician for a system inspection.

Shutting Off

If your air conditioning is shutting off after some time, you should call a technician, since this is a sign of an AC issue. If the problem is not fixed, it could damage your system’s compressor. As a result, you will have to dig deep in your pocket to incur the repair charges.

Additionally, it can result in more damages to other AC unit parts and lead to ineffective cooling. Electrical issues or clogged air filters could be the cause.

Failing to Start

Coming home and finding that your system is not functional is the last thing you can wish for during a heat wave. If your AC unit fails to work, look for any tripped breakers. Also, wrong settings on your thermostat could lead to system start failure. If the system doesn’t start even after resetting the breaker and thermostat, be sure to contact Bruce Heating & Air technician right away.

System Operating With No Cooling

Another common air conditioning problem is running the system to realize that the system is not cooling the house. The problem could be due to the thermostat. Additionally, low levels of refrigerant could also lead to this issue. You can fix this problem by ensuring the thermostat is functioning correctly.


A noisy AC unit could be a result of faulty motor belts or broken bearings. Also, the lack of lubricant in the oil parts could result in some noise. If you experience rattling or thumping with your system, that could be an issue with the motor assembly or your blower. For better results, have your noisy AC unit inspected by an expert.

Are you looking to fix issues with your system? If so, be sure to visit or contact Bruce Heating & Air today. We offer high-quality cooling and heating services in Kennewick and the neighboring areas. Our technicians are equipped to help you diagnose and correct your AC unit problem.

We provide 24/7 service to all our clients. Some of the additional services we offer include water heaters, custom welding, and HVAC duct fittings. Be sure to call us right away in case you require any of our services.