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    AC Repair in Richland, WAAt Bruce Heating & Air of Richland, WA, we offer high-quality AC repair service, including our 24/7 emergency service availability. With an air conditioner repair by our certified technicians, you get reliable, safe, and efficient service for your AC. We only use high-quality parts for any replacement service. We serve all areas of Benton County and the Tri-City area.

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    • Certified technicians
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    Not only do we provide the best in AC repair, but our team is trained in providing excellent customer service. Our founder, Ron Bruce, continues his 40-year-old legacy of providing excellent services to regions of Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. We are proud to be involved in contributing to the local communities through our commitment to several events such as Rising Above Cancer Walk, Habitat for Humanity, 2nd Harvest Foodbank, and more.

    Responsive AC Repair in Richland

    The frequency of air conditioner repair service is going to depend on several factors such as condition and age, maintenance history, make and model of the air conditioner, and more. Your AC has several components that are key to its performance. These components include the compressor, evaporator, blower fan, condensing unit, refrigerant, and thermostat. A common issue with air conditioners is leakage, resulting in a low level of refrigerant. Before the new refrigerant can be added to the AC, a professional technician needs to detect and repair any leakage issues with the AC.

    We recommend you take a proactive approach to repair services for the AC by having a regular inspection and AC service to keep it running in top condition. Delay in getting your AC repaired can worsen the issue and increase the energy costs of using the air conditioner. There are some key indicators of an air conditioner that needs repair.

    Responsive AC Repair in Richland

    Signs your AC needs repair:
    • AC is blowing hot air
    • There are unusual noises coming from the AC
    • The thermostat has become unresponsive
    • Foul smell coming from the AC
    • Increase in your utilities bill

    Schedule Air Conditioner Repair With Us

    At Bruce Heating & Air, we can fix any issues with your Richland air conditioner, including replacement of faulty parts, leakage issues, and more. To schedule an AC service with our certified, and highly experienced technician, give us a call today!

    Apart from repair service for AC, we also offer AC maintenance and installation service. If you are considering buying a new AC, our technicians can guide you on the right type and specifications of AC for your requirements. We also offer furnace repair!