5 Common Questions People Ask Concerning Water Heaters

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5 Common Questions People Ask Concerning Water Heaters

Water Heater in Kennewick, WA

A water heater is essential because it lets you access heated water to shower, bathe, and wash laundry. But do you really understand how it functions? Do you know the proper way to care for it? Many people don’t even think about this important home appliance until it breaks down, and then they wish they had taken better care of it. At Bruce Mechanical, we will help you better understand your water heater with these five simple questions.

1. Are There Different Types of Water Heaters?

Yes, there are different types of water boilers. The most common way of defining these different types is based on which fuel they use, which typically makes them either gas or electric boilers. Both kinds are commonly used, and each type has its pros and cons. However, electric boilers are more common in many houses today since they are easy to run and maintain.

Another way to categorize water heaters is as either tankless or standard water tank boilers. Tankless boilers don’t require a storage tank but rather warm the water as it runs through the hoses. These units are more effective in conserving energy and time. On the other hand, standard heaters retain water in a tank and repeat the water heating cycle when the shower tap is turned on.

2. Which Water Heater Is Best for You?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to water boilers. When making a choice, you have to analyze the different advantages and disadvantages of each type. Generally, electric boilers are more convenient because you won’t have to top off the fuel every time.

Between a traditional water tank boiler and a tankless boiler, the latter wins on energy efficiency and its ability to serve large homes. However, traditional water tank boilers are less expensive to install, maintain, and repair. Unfortunately, they use more energy and are limited to a few gallons at a time.

3. What Temperature Should You Set Your Water Heater At?

Generally, water boilers have a default temperature setting of 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because some people are comfortable with that setting. However, the most recommended temperature for your boiler is 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. At that level, you won’t have to worry about scalding. Besides, it helps save on your energy bill since the 100-degree difference means a lot when it comes to fuel. Therefore, you should consider setting the temperature at that level. If you have an older water boiler model, the temperature settings are quite different, and setting it to medium will do the trick.

4. Why Do You Constantly Exhaust the Hot Water Provision?

Normally, your water boiler is supposed to provide enough heated water to sustain your needs. This means that it shouldn’t run out of heated water mid-session. When you start running out of heated water while taking a shower, it probably indicates that your water boiler system has a problem and needs immediate repairs to fix the issue.

Commonly, there are three causes of this issue. First, sedimentation in the water tank could fill up the space where heated water should be. This causes the tank to hold less water, which means that you’ll run out of water at some point.

The second reason could be high water pressure. In this case, water is coming out at a much higher speed than before without you noticing. When this happens, your water boiler can’t handle the demand, so there’s a break mid-session.

Lastly, the issue could emanate from leaking heated water delivery pipes. This can cause heated water to drip from the tank, leading to the heated water problem. It’s vital to contact a water boiler contractor such as Bruce Mechanical to help you address this issue immediately.

5. How Can You Save on Water When Using a Heater?

You already know that it’s important to save water, but how can you do that with a water boiler? You could start by purchasing some low-flow plumbing solutions like taps, shower heads, and faucets. That way, you’ll regulate water flowing into the shower.

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