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Commercial construction requires careful planning and seamless communication to complete the work on time and under budget. If you're searching for the right commercial HVAC contractor to get the job done right, trust Bruce Heating & Air. We're located in Hermiston, OR, with offices in Littleton, CO and Kennewick, WA.

At Bruce Heating & Air, we're committed to completing projects according to standards of quality and performance, meeting proposed deadlines and always focusing on job site safety. Call 541-567-6813 today to learn more about the commercial HVAC services we offer in Kennewick, WA, Hermiston, OR and Littleton, CO.


Our Commercial and Industrial team have been the fastest growing sector of our company. We stay aggressive in the marketplace by negotiating and bidding on multiple projects every day. This includes providing owners and contractors budgeting numbers, schedules, and design assist services well in advance of kick off. Our Operations and Project Management Teams use an integrated process to lead and drive the project to ensure: completion of projects according to specified standards of quality and performance, meeting schedule requirements that are within budget, and are always focused on job site safety.

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At Bruce Mechanical Inc., working safely is a top priority. We are proud to be recognized as part of the AGC Safety Team and SFI Compliance, Inc. As such we receive external job site audits throughout the year, and additional safety training as needed. Our employees understand the priority of safety and they are continually trained to recognize and develop their responsibilities in maintaining a safe workplace.

Our safety commitment goes beyond weekly safety meetings. Some of our safety protocols include a new employee safety and health program manual, provided by SFI Compliance, Inc., 100% pre-employment drug testing, and quarterly all-company safety meetings and trainings.

DDC Controls

Direct Digital Controls offer many significant advantages including precision control, reduced energy use, and the ability to collect and store data about the system's performance. Perhaps most importantly, DDC controls can help make people more comfortable. Although the cost of installation for a good DDC controls system is not insignificant, that cost is easily recouped through savings in utility bills as DDC controls can drastically reduce overall energy consumption. Bruce Mechanical Inc. can provide additions, replacements or new installation of your mechanical systems' controls. Whether it's a single thermostat, fan controls, or a more complex installation like a full DDC Control Systems, Building Automation System or an exotic control system, we can help.

3D Modeling (BIM)

3D modeling of the mechanical and electrical systems is becoming more of an industry standard on larger projects. The reason for this trend is that by building a coordinated model the team naturally creates project solutions that can be installed with minimal change orders and maximum efficiency. Conflicts and design errors are identified and resolved before the crews are on the job site.

Fabrication / Sheet Metal

We have a full service metal fabrication shop capable of building materials for all of our projects, regardless of the complexity or size. Whether it's stainless steel or welding, for grease, or other types of hoods, any type of sheet metal fabrication, architectural metals, or large custom industrial pieces, we have the ability to fabricate and deliver the materials for your project. Our fabrication shop capabilities allow us to respond quickly when needed. We can install and repair any metal application including commercial and residential ductwork, custom fabrications and artwork, mobile repairs, testing, and design controls. From single home dwellings to shopping centers and high-rise complexes, we do it all!

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